"Hello everyone! Aya Shameimaru is here to get the latest scoop! I love going around Gensokyo and taking the best pictures. Even the nice risque ones. Hehehe... So don't be camera shy and lets be friends!"

((Hey this is and independent RP blog and ask for Aya Shameimaru from Touhou. Also included is Asuka from Senran Kagura.))


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"Costume Box"




To seduce your muse

"Anything I can do for you, master?"

((im gonna try to be a bit more open lol but i guess this is crack))

"Woah, Blan-chan. Uhh… W-What is up with the getup? And why are you calling me master?" Aya’s eyes couldn’t get off the amazing cuteness that is resonating from the goddess.

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"So Noire-chan. Is it true that when you goddesses take a certain amount of damage, your clothes rip apart?"


"Aya…of course you would want to know something like that…I-I can only say that the answer is yes and no…I-I’m not saying any more.."

"Now now. Why would I ever want to know more about this pretty interesting quirk you goddesses have."

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"So Nepnep. Is it true that when you goddesses take a certain amount of damage, your clothes rip apart?"


Hoho Aya!Well sorta yeah,it’s like this super duper megatacular power up where we can do like a bazillion damage!Also our special parts of our body are covered up however cause like you need DLC to get past that!

"Well then, I will be sure to download this DLC for to see all that. Heehee."

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1. My birthday is May 2nd. It already passed, but oh well. Time for next years.

2. I’ve gone to collage for less then two years. I only took four classes and failed them. Two of them was the same math class. I then just gave up. Seeing everyone going back to school during this time of year kind of makes me sad. Makes me think if I should go back, but I really I don’t know what I want to do. So that’s why I ain’t going back.

3. JRPGs and horror are my all time favorite genre of video games.

4. Lolis

5. I’m a cosplayer.

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Aya comes from behind and ruffles the others hair, "Hey cutie-pie."



Mystia let out a small chirp from surprise, but she calmed down immediately when she smelled something familiar; the scent of maple leaves. “Ah, h-hello Aya.” She smiled, enjoying the hair ruffling.


"Y-Yes, I’m okay now… T-Thank you for comforting me, Aya…" Her cheeks reddened slightly when the other assisted her in drying her tear stained face, but she continued to smile, though now it was more of genuine happiness than sadness. "O-Of course I do. Besides, I don’t think I can handle being a-alone tonight.."

"Oh don’t worry. I won’t leave your side tonight," She said as she lifts Mystia’s chin, giving her a nice kiss on the lips. Smiling big at the girl, "So after I’m done here eating. I’ll help you clean up shop and we can head over to your house to get your supplies."

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"Hey Blan-chan. Would you like to be my queen?"


"My position as goddess goes beyond the power of a Queen. Why would I?"

"Well that’s true. There is nothing more higher then a goddess. Well then. That flirtatious remark didn’t work."