"Hello everyone! Aya Shameimaru is here to get the latest scoop! I love going around Gensokyo and taking the best pictures. Even the nice risque ones. Hehehe... So don't be camera shy and lets be friends!"

((Hey this is my RP blog and ask for Aya from Touhou. This is actualy my second blog for Touhou RP. I have one aswell for my OC, Samsuro Nocturne if you'd like to follow him aswell. So lets have fun and RP!))

M!A: A guy for two weeks.
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"But sweety, I had to say hi to you some short of adroable way.”


"I-Idiot…." Marisa gently held her hands with a soft blush.

"What me an idiot?! That’s silly! I’m more of a bird brain myself!" Aya giggled as she slid her hands under Marisa’s arms and starts to tickle her, "And this bird just caught a witch!"

"Geee. What to do with all this Oni sake…. Oh I know!! I can go around to peoples houses and ask them if they want to drink with me! Oh wait, I’m not really much of a drinker… Oh fucking well!"

Its Wednesday everyone! You know what that means!

"What the hell?! Horror night!" Yep. It’s been going on for four weeks now. And I just thought of a name for it. Tonight’s movies are:

Grave Encounters 1

Grave Encounters 2

If you have a Netflix acount and skype, please send me your Skype and we can talk about the movie! This will be an interesting new idea!

Replace every drop of booze all in the Oni bars with white vinegar and get away with it, or replace all the ink from all the tengu reporters' pens/printers/presses with bleach.

Aya made her way into the Oni’s lair. Maybe it was sleep time for them, but it was deffinetly quiet. This was her perfect chance to change out their liquir. And there was a lot of it. After an hour, she was able to change out all the Oni sake with white vinegar.